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At Bluewater Heater we sell more than just heating and control hardware, we provide solutions to our customers' heating and control problems. We offer turnkey or specialized support to suit your needs. Our projects range from fully built and tested systems, to providing hardware to your specifications, down to providing our customers with the consultation and training to do a project themselves. 

Our differentiation is our knowledge of heat and control. Our engineering management team has a combined 50 years of experience in heating and control. We can guide you in selection of the correct products from our large base of manufacturers. We will find just the right heater or control to fit your application. 

Our Business
Bluewater Heater is one of the largest re-sellers of industrial heaters, heating controls and sensors in Ontario. Heating technology is relevant in several industries where exacting heating standards are required for production. Diverse customer industries range from automotive to packaging to medical. Bluewater sells over 250,000 products from a network of 11 strategic suppliers. Bluewater's regional market share and loyal customer base are the results of 25 years of experience providing valued solutions, product selection and consistency of service. 

Our Vision
To provide world-class thermal loop process systems that enable our customers to compete effectively in manufacturing. 

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Value
  • Customer Satisfaction

We've established criteria to measure our progress against four key objectives.

  • COST